Types of Programs and Accreditation


Undergraduate programs (Bachelor degree)

After completion of 12 years of primary and secondary schooling a student can apply for undergraduate program which is widely known as post-secondary education. This level of education is at least for 4 years. If a student have already earned an Associate Degree then duration of an under graduate program will be reduced to 2 years.

Graduate Programs (Master’s & Doctorate degree)

A master’s or doctorate degree is usually referred as graduate program in USA.
While types of institutions come into consideration the institutions in USA are mostly funded and controlled by the state and private funded colleges. There isn’t any such central ministry of education in USA to implement a common rules and regulations for the education systems. There are separate rules in admission programs and standards being implemented by universities individually.

Undergraduate Colleges, Graduate and Professional Schools come under the University. To obtain a bachelor’s degree you have to go for four years of academic programs in an undergraduate institute. Community colleges and junior colleges are considered as undergraduate institution. Undergraduate institutions such as community colleges and junior colleges provide education at a low cost. These institutions also provide associate degree certificate programs to the students.

There are specialized institutions like institute of technology, polytechnic institutes, science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences institutes. These institutes offer both graduate and undergraduate programs.


Accreditation is a kind of license by which you will get to know about the educational programs, performance, and quality of the university. There is accreditation body who offer accreditation to the educational institutions. Accreditation can be given only to regional and professional institutions. Accreditation body is a non-governmental agency who after checking certain standards of educational quality offers accreditation to the institution. If there is a professional or technical institute wants to get accreditation then quality of education will be properly evaluated.

Benefits of Accreditation

Certificate of an accredited university can get preference from the employer.

A student can ensure himself/herself that the university maintain minimum standard

If a student wants to transfer to another university then he/she get preference if existing university is accredited

US universities offer two main semester intakes

There are two prime semester s are being followed by most of the university. Fall Semester that starts from September/October and Spring Semester starts from January/February are significantly carried out in an academic year.

Fall Semester (September/October)

Major education programs cover in the fall semester. You can avail financial aid in fall semester.

Spring Semester (January/February)

You may have a little chance to avail funds in this semester. Though limited financial assistance is available for this semester yet most of the funds allocate in Fall Semester.

Some universities also have a summer intake around July.