Types of Education Institutions in U.S.


Colleges, Universities, and Institutes: The Distinction

Before aspiring for a degree in USA a student should have knowledge about college, universities, and institutions. Colleges, universities and institutions in America offer degree courses to the students. Although in a general perception university is a supreme educational institution as compare to college both in terms of strength of students and number of courses yet a college is in no way inferior to university.

If you have an idea that colleges offer only undergraduate program then you may not completely right as colleges offer undergraduate as well as graduate degree. On the other hand university can offer undergraduate degree to its students. When institute comes into consideration, an institution usually offers specialized programs irrespective of degrees and certificate courses to the students. Institutes are recognized as institute of technology, institute of fashion, institute of pharmacy, and so on.

School is a term you can find in both colleges and universities such as school of arts, school of science, school of business, or school of commerce. These schools as well as other schools will be responsible for the respective degree programs offered by the college or university in the specific subject of study.

State Universities

There state universities in USA who are funded and maintained by the respective states of USA. These state run universities has prime objective to impart education at a low cost to the residents of that state. These state universities are also called as public universities for getting recognized from private institutions. There are universities who use word like state or a regional term like eastern or northern with the name of university. A state university can accept huge students that may be exceeded to 20,000 and this range is definitely more than the number of students in a private university.

The tuition fees of a state run university is much lesser than a private university besides if you are a resident of that particular state and pay taxes then tuition fees will be much lower than the tuition fees of an out-of-state resident. Thos who are international students and out-of-state residents’ students may not avail any reduction in tuition fees.

Private Universities

While state universities are funded by the respective state government yet private universities are funded by tuition fees, donations, research grants and gifts from their alumni. Tuitions fees are higher for all students irrespective of state and non-state students at private university. The student enrollment limits are fewer than 20,000 in a private university. Most of the religious affiliation and single-sex colleges in USA are private and the student strength in private colleges are not more than 2,000.

Community Colleges

Community colleges in USA offer various associate degrees to its students. These associated degrees are generally for two years and courses are like associate of arts, associate of science, as well as various technical and vocational programs. Community colleges are community based institutions which are benefited for the community groups, and students live close to campus with their families. Community colleges may be private or public and sometimes it is called as junior college. These days students over the world are choosing to study at community colleges. When tuition fees come into consideration the community college who offers two-year degree has lower fees as compared to four-year degree course providing community colleges. Community colleges also allow students with an easy transfer programs as the colleges have agreements with different local state universities.

Studying in U.S. community has great benefit as that opens the door for higher study in U.S.

Technical and Vocational Colleges

The technical and vocational institutions in USA offer specialized courses and train students in specific vocation or technology. Technical and vocational colleges offer short-term programs as well as certificate programs usually take two years or less. There are thousands of technical and vocational institutes in USA and these institutions are either private or public.