Transferring to a New University, Transferring College


It is a mere issue for all American students as well as international students who study in America to get transferred from one college or university to another. It is so frequent occurrence as, for instance, using some custom essay writing service, let’s be frank to the end.

During pursuing higher education in America a student can easily transfer his present college or university if he/she wants. It is also not impossible that if a student of small private college can transfer his/her seat to a large and renowned university.

If a student continuing his/her lower division general education in a community college and want to transfer to a university for doing the same as well as pursue higher education then he/she can do this without any hassle.

Importance of Accreditation

Students from accredited college or university can never face any obstacle during transfer to another college or university. If you are studying in an unaccredited college and want to transfer then it may be difficult to get a facility to avail same course in the other university. There may even risk of not being accepted by the other university where you want to transfer.

Making Transfers Easy

In America there is a special arrangement that is “articulation agreements” in which transfer from one college or university to another will become easier. This is the best way to transfer with little or no loss of credit and time. Let’s have an example, an engineering student has completed his/her three years in a certain college and got transferred to another college for completion of degree. He may earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree by studying two more years. It is widely known as “3+2” year program in America as the course can take a total five years. The colleges or universities mostly who offer a minimum of four-year degrees go for articulation agreement.

Although there are few drawbacks in transferring yet don’t drop your plan if you have decided to transfer because transferring from one college/ university to another can not only fulfill your educational goals but also it enrich your experience of American higher education.

Tips for Transfers

You can transfer a maximum number of credits while transferring from one college to another. However ensure the limit of credit before transferring your college or university.

There are colleges who offer English classes as special language to the foreign students yet some colleges do not. So make sure before transferring your college that the college you have chosen has this facility. Some universities or colleges may not accept students in transferring case while providing special ESL classes come into consideration.

Your grades may come into the account while transferring from one college or university to another. Although grades of one institution never affect the grades at another yet a certain minimum grade point average is required during transfer. As credits are transferable, grades do not transfer.

There colleges and university in America prefer to offer general education when transfer come into consideration. The whole colleges and universities in America are not followed same course of studies if a course that is required at one college or university may not be required by another. In this case while courses may transfer but the credit earned is not necessarily going to apply in degree.

Last but not least you must consult an academic advisor or an international student advisor if you are an international student before applying for a transfer. Not only transferring credit but also you should transfer your immigration status while joining a new college or university.